We are Marcelilla Pilla & Leandro Baud, who since 2013 were giving shape to this crazy project. We are both illustrators who work as a team, combining styles that try to achieve the greatest harmony between simplicity, joy and graphic expression. We are fans of observation. Our passion for drawing and traveling led us to create a style as rare as we do. Throughout the years we explored different techniques and creative processes, mixing colors, adding lights, marking shadows, playing in that magical laboratory that took us to this world of drawings.

domestic couple

Take a look at what we draw… 

As we are obsessive illustrators, we have hundred of drawings, so we need to organise them. That´s why we have created the following categories…



Stores & Houses


One of the many things that we love to draw on the way are the  shops and houses that together with their people give the identity to each place. The more we like when they are transformed into postcards, cards or posters and spread them around the world.




But not only on the outside is the beauty of a place. They say that the important thing is the inside, that’s why we sit down to draw the interiors, exploring their details, recreating the atmosphere of their spaces, to achieve the identity of each place.

Food Trucks


We are fanatics of Food Trucks. One of our project it´s to create our own “drawing truck” to go everywhere. We love drawing them because each one has its personality and transmit the energy of its owners.





When we talk about Street Art, we do not limit ourselves to cities. We also go out to browse large surfaces and convert them into maps or drawings with our style.

Postcards & Posters



We like to know new cities, new landscapes, observe colors, textures, look for other points of view. And so take all those feelings in an illustration. And so turn them into postcards. These are some examples…





Portraits (full body)


If you are thinking of an original gift, it is your lucky day. In our magic lab we do great rehearsals with people and pets. That’s why we offer full body illustrations with our style. Here are some of the results of those tests …





Portraits (Profiles)



We also offer portraits to hang, to use in profiles of Facebook, couples, groups of friends, entire families and all the combinations you can imagine. These are some examples…




Themes drawings


We also make thematic drawings. For example, if you are thinking of something great for your cafe store, look in our portfolio of cafe illustrations. From themed framed pictures,  personalized menus,  to murals … and coffee will taste richer … check our list of themes …

Graphic Design


We offer our style of illustration applied to products. If you are thinking of a new image, we work on graphic design in order to achieve an original and exclusive communication for your product.

The image is fundamental to convey the virtues of a product. We believe that illustration is an effective way to communicate. That’s why we propose a fun, fresh and original image to highlight them.

 take a closer look at our portfolio…






The funniest part for us is when we start making comics. Here we can express ourselves in the best way. And sometimes we make fanzines, or mini books that tell a story. And we imagine ourselves old men reading them and reliving the stories. That is why we want to do many.



Portada 5

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